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Episode #223

Roots Reggae Podcast

Featuring –

  1. Patrick Andy – Living In Mount Zion Dub
  2. The Defenders – Our Version
  3. Freddie McKay – I’m a Free Man
  4. Glen Brown & King Tubby – Wicked Can’t Run This Dub
  5. Ike Bennett & The Crystalites – Illya Kuryakin
  6. Emperor D. P. – Jah Jah Rock
  7. Prince Lincoln Thompson – Live Up To Your Name
  8. Big Joe – Nanny Version Skank
  9. Aswad – Dub Fire
  10. Soul Syndicate – Fittest Of The Dub Fittest
  11. The Mighty Two – War Is Over
  12. Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix – Communication Breakdown (dub)
  13. Augustus Pablo – Pablo Satta
  14. The Ethiopians – Bad to Worse
  15. Pablo Moses – Proverbs Dub
  16. Johnny Clarke – Jah Love Is With I

Guerrilla Dub System's Reggae Podcast

Welcome to Roots Conversation, the home of top-secret Dub Reggae tracks and sound system culture. Our Charting DJs/producers Andy Biscuit & Cloudbass have combined forces with DJ Scooby to bring you a podcast that is a destination for Roots Reggae, all while keeping it fresh. With countless hours of studio experience, we know what works – "Roots Conversation" showcases relevant gems of Roots Reggae and Dub Reggae from back in the day.

Reggae music was constantly evolving in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Studios and producers were continually experimenting with new styles and sounds which influenced the overall genre of Dub and Roots. In our show, we will take you on a journey through this incredible era of music history.

A Roots Reggae Podcast

Our roots reggae podcast is a weekly transmission from Creao Studio in North Yorkshire, UK. Andy Biscuit spends the week before hand going through his dusty box looking for cuts, guided by Cloudbass and Scooby.


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