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Episode #59

Roots Reggae Podcast

Featuring –

  1. Maffi feat. Kenny Knots / Herb From Grow
  2. Daweh Congo / Herb Tree
  3. Johnny Clarke / None Shall Escape the Judgement
  4. The Jahlights / Right Road to Dubland
  5. Bob Andy / Fire Burning
  6. This Kid Named Miles / Ring of Fire
  7. Prince Douglas / March Down Babylon Dub
  8. Michael Rose / Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
  9. Jah Thomas / Cricket Lovely Cricket
  10. Gregory Isaacs / Mr Cop
  11. Winston Jarrett / Tired of the System
  12. Burning Spear / Marcus Garvey
  13. Dennis Brown / Children of Israel
  14. Wailing Souls / Shall Up
  15. Ronnie Davis / False Leaders
  16. Scotty / Skank In Bed
  17. Mad Professor / Dub Pon Me Corner
  18. The Revolutionaries / ‘A’ Level Version

Roots Conversation #59 – Show Notes

Here are the show notes for Roots Conversation #59, The Roots Reggae Podcast – Creao Studio has a new sound card and the pre-amps are better than the last one; it is a good piece of kit. As a result, the links sound a bit better but you will still have to put up with similar content.

Thanks for listening, Andy.

Guerrilla Dub System's Reggae Podcast

Welcome to Roots Conversation, the home of top-secret Dub Reggae tracks and sound system culture. Our Charting DJs/producers Andy Biscuit & Cloudbass have combined forces with DJ Scooby to bring you a podcast that is a destination for Roots Reggae, all while keeping it fresh. With countless hours of studio experience, we know what works – "Roots Conversation" showcases relevant gems of Roots Reggae and Dub Reggae from back in the day.

Reggae music was constantly evolving in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Studios and producers were continually experimenting with new styles and sounds which influenced the overall genre of Dub and Roots. In our show, we will take you on a journey through this incredible era of music history.

A Roots Reggae Podcast

Our roots reggae podcast is a weekly transmission from Creao Studio in North Yorkshire, UK. Andy Biscuit spends the week before hand going through his dusty box looking for cuts, guided by Cloudbass and Scooby.


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