A Syndicated Reggae Radio Show

Hi – Hope you are well? We’re taking a break from recording our own music, getting back in to the studio to record a different jam. We have started recording our own syndicated reggae radio show! Sitting around and picking our favourite Reggae and Dub tracks from the past 50 years of Sound-System Culture is a lot of fun. Then, we cue them up ready for the show and have a natter over them, calling our show “Roots Conversation.”
Joining us for the broadcast is DJ Scooby. For more on Scooby please see his website www.soundofwonder.co.uk. There, you will be able to catch his show, The Sound Of Wonder, and find out more about him.
Designed by a reliable freelance Graphic Designer in Harrogate, we like our graphics. The shows are all available on Mixcloud and they’re embedded on our site HERE. Our syndicated reggae radio show is available to community radio stations at no cost.
We have reached Episode #20 of Roots Conversation, our syndicated Reggae Radio Show. It  is a good laugh to make the show & we have a growing listenership for it. We are broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio, Yorkshire and Bishop FM in the north East.
Recorded in Creao Studio in Harrogate, the sessions can last late in to the night. It has helped us find our place again …
So, if you run a community radio station and you are looking for a syndicated reggae radio show get in contact. It would be great to hear from you. The show is free to your network if you are a not-for-profit organisation.

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