Radio During Lockdown

With the virus going around we have had to take measures to endure that our Roots Reggae Radio show still gets recorded. Coronavirus has meant that there is Social Distancing in place throughout the UK. We are not allowed to meet up to record Roots Conversation, and rightly so.

The studio we record at, Creao Studio has closed its doors and gone in to hibernation. There is nowhere to do the show.

But, we are meeting up online and recording using Skype.

The first episode to feature us on Skype was Episode #43 of Roots Conversation.

We thought it would be a good idea to share with you the music that inspired us to make our music – our radio show is called Roots Conversation and we hope to get it to as many stations as possible. We play old Roots Reggae music that has got us to where we are today – we want to share with you our passion and love for the music that we play.

Normally recorded in Creao Studio every week, we have a lot of fun making this. For the full back catalogue of Dub Reggae Radio Shows please click HERE.

We have a syndicated roots reggae radio show ready for broadcast on your Network or station. If you want to play this show on your station then please drop us a message at The show is free for your station and we look forward to hearing from you.


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