We Have A New Logo

We have a new logo – we figured we had out-grown the last one, we wanted to move on. So, we contacted a freelance designer in Yorkshire to see about getting a new logo.

We wanted to capture several elements of Sound System Culture in the logo – and, have our unique stamp on it. So, we have settled on the following:

Sound System Logo Guerrilla Dub System

What do you make to it?

The brief was to design something that had a military edge – we are called Guerrilla Dub System. Guerrilla is Spanish for ‘Little War’ – from the Spanish Civil War.

However, this is not a political logo. We wanted to show we were militant in helping the little man, yet not tied to an ideology. Plus, with the history of military imagery running through Sound System Culture (just look at all of the camouflage) then it was quite fitting to have a military themed logo.

We hope this logo is in keeping with where we hope to be.

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