Dubucation EP – Due Out 6th April 2018

Dubucation EP – our fifth EP – will be released on 6th April 2018. That is this coming Friday. We have gone with more of a hazy smoker’s dub vibe on this release – and have vocals from Mad Professor!


by Guerrilla Dub System | Dubucation - Due Out 6th April 2018

We prepared a mashup – so that we would not give too much of the game away and give all of it away for free. Please see above.

The artwork was crafted by a designer in town working in collaboration with continental illustrators. Working on a theme of universal suffrage, the artwork is a good compliment to the music – very hazy and dank. Here it is –

Dubucation ep
The release will be made available from the majority of download stores come Friday at Midnight. We are only releasing this as a download (WAV/MP3/AIFF) – if you want the high quality WAV/AIFF files I recommend you pop over t’ Beatport to get the music. I will post the link in the comments when it goes live.
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